Part 1: Certificate in Advanced Supervision Training


About the Course

Course Duration
0 Years
Available Study Modes
Intensive Study

Course Description

This intensive course is a supervision training and aims to enable students to reflect on and further develop their skills in supervising counselling psychologists’ psychotherapists, and counsellors. 

The course has been designed to develop the skills needed to become an existential supervisor and provide a space for students to reflect on theory and their practice. The course aims to enable students to apply existential thinking to the practice of supervision. It also aims to enable students to critically appraise theoretical supervision models and skills to supervise others in the practice of existential psychotherapy. It offers students the chance to question what is unique about existential supervision and whether it is a broad or limited church? 

In the course the students will learn to:

1. Critically appraise the link between philosophy and supervision showing sensitivity to complex issues and an ability to interpret existing knowledge in this new context.

2. Critically evaluate the different supervision models and show ability to communicate this in a variety of situations.

3. Demonstrate comprehension of the different supervisory tasks of existential supervision and self-appraisal in relation to these and relate ethical issues to supervision and show the capacity to manage resources appropriately.

Students will further develop their practical skills. They will demonstrate the ability to use different models of supervision and bias in the supervision of psychotherapists and counsellors.

2. Engage with the overlap of the personal and the professional and demonstrate the capacity to analyse the complexities of the supervision process, including content, context, relationship, and worldview in supervision.

3. Evaluate and self-appraise own supervisory practice.

Programme of Study

Year 1

  • Certificate in Advanced Supervision Training

Fees 2024-25

Intensive 5 day block  

£1068 (£890 + VAT = £1068)