Part 2: Certificate in Advanced Supervision Training


About the Course

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Intensive Study

Course Description

This short course is the second part of the supervision training and aims to enable students to reflect on and further develop their skills in supervising other counselling psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors.  Students will be required to have successfully completed their doctoral programme at NSPC [link to NSPC website] (or taken the Part 1 Existential Supervision Training offered through the EA) and have had one-year post-qualifying clinical experience which includes some supervisory experience.

This course, alongside successful completion of Part I Existential Supervision Training has been accredited by the BPS and fulfils the criteria for successful graduates to join RAPPS, the Register of Applied Psychology, Practice Supervisors.

This course can also be taken by psychotherapists who also want to develop their supervision skills.

The course has been designed to develop the skills needed to become a supervisor and provide a space for students to reflect on theory and their practice.

Fees 2024-25

2 day workshop 

£360 (£300 + VAT= £360)  - for participants external to the Existential Academy 


£180 (£150 + VAT =£180)  - for graduates of NSPC’s doctoral programmes students or the Existential Academy’s EPT programmes.