Existential Couple Therapy Course -Develop your potential for working with couples

  • The Existential Academy
  • 30th Jan—28th Feb 2023

Existential Therapy Couples Course-  

Develop your potential for working with couples

Who is this course suitable for?

Existential therapists who are interested in learning about couple work.  Also mental health professionals who are working with couples and who are interested in learning about the existential approach to couple work, this would include psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists, and coaches.  

Learning outcomes

  • To conceptualise the lived experience of each individual within a couple, creating a safe space for the couple within the existential framework.
  • Learning how to allow individual narratives to unravel, whilst listening to each other and maintain a firm hold on a highly emotional space.
  • Ways to encourage both partners to engage with each other by learning to listen to the other.
  • Experiment in non-blaming communication skills.
  • How to work with more than one client at the time.
  • How to structure effective therapy sessions and goal setting with two people, in a creative and effective way.
  • An insight into the many common relationship problems – and how to help clients overcome them (illustrated with case histories)
  • How to tell when the relationship isn’t the problem – and what to do about it
  • How lived life experiences can influence our relationships, and what to do about this now,
  • Creative ways to develop effective interventions, including using tasks and metaphor
  • Considering the wider picture, including other family members

Outlines and aims:

  • Develop an understanding of an existential framework of couple interaction
  • Recognise underlying couple difficulties in your clinical work
  • Develop your potential for working with couples
  • The sessions include a mix of lecture/discussions, clinical presentations, and experiential exercises.


  • What is the meaning of life in couple
  • The presentation of individual problems within a couple relationship.
  • How a couple relationship can be understood in existential term terms.


Prof Emmy van Deurzen, Dr Chloe Paidoussis- Mitchell, Diana Mitchel, Dr Claire Arnold-Baker

Dates : Jan 30th and 31st, Feb 27th 28th  at the Existential Academy in person - 10am-5pm 

fees £ 600 + VAT (£720 inclusive of VAT)

For more information, please email